Progenex Flow (Salmon Protein)

I figured I’d need to write this review quickly, as I don’t believe Progenex’s fish shake will be on the market for a second batch (nor do I believe they will sell out of the first, thereby necessitating a second). My presumption is that a product like this would cater to the strict Paleo crowd, who are simply too busy to hunt and/or gather anything at the local supermarket.

The problem, ergogenically speaking, is that they’re selling hydrolyzed salmon protein. Hydrolyzed salmon protein has been shown to decrease performance in trained athletes:

“An interesting consequence… was that the beverage resulted in lowered performance in the better athletes…”

Although another study says it doesn’t hurt your performance, it just doesn’t help it:

“…did not provide an ergogenic benefit as assessed by 5 km TT [time trial] performance.”

swim1If it worked, that would be one thing, and I’d probably use it. But it doesn’t work, according to the science. Then there’s the taste.

Yes, I actually tried it. Yes, it actually tastes like fish. I realize that the flavor on the bag says “Island Punch” but unless O’ahu is the Hawaiian word for “tastes like rancid fish“, I can’t imagine what Island this punch is from. I’d rather be stuck on that island from Lost than ever drink this stuff again. Besides the taste, it foams when you shake it (*see picture). Almost half the shake is fish foam.

ProgenexIt’s disgusting. The science isn’t there. It might actually reduce your performance. And it tastes like used vagina.


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